海洋大で見つからない本は取り寄せできるのですか。 / Can I request a book that is not available at the TUMSAT libraries?

カテゴリ: 取り寄せ / order
You can make a request for materials owned by other libraries.
Please make a request via MyLibrary.
メニュー: 利用者サービス → 文献複写・貸借申込み
Menu: User service → Request for a copy/Request for a book

■他図書館(大学図書館、国立国会図書館)等 / Other libraries (university libraries, National Diet Library and others)
  • 往復送料は実費負担となります。
  • 公費で依頼する場合は研究費からの振替になります。
  • 学生が公費で依頼する場合は、必ず指導教員の了解を得てください。
  • The delivery fees (to borrow and return the material) shall be paid by the borrower.
  • If the delivery fees are paid by the university, it shall be funded from the research budget.
  • If you are a student and request for a book at the cost of the university, you must obtain your teacher's approval for this beforehand.

■連携図書館 / Partner libraries
You can request a book from Minato City Libraries and Koto City Libraries without the need to pay the delivery fees.

■備考 / Remarks
  • 連携機関の図書館に来館して借りることもできますのでご利用ください。
  • お住まい近隣の図書館で借りられるかお調べします。お気軽にご相談ください。
  • You can also visit the partner libraries to borrow books directly from them.
  • We will also investigate whether the book that you need is available at any of the libraries near your residence. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding this.