WebcatPlus、CiNiiは自宅でも使えますか。検索できる範囲を教えてください。 / Can I use "WebcatPlus" and "CiNii" also at home? Where can I use these search engines?

You can use "WebcatPlus" and "CiNii" both within and outside the campuses.

■WebcatPlus、CiNii Books
You can check which libraries store which books and magazines.

■CiNii Articles
You can search for theses and articles published in magazines and research papers published in Japan.
You can access the electronic journals that are disclosed for free.

■CiNii Dissertations
You can search for Japanese doctoral theses.

For details of CiNii, click here.

For CiNii, you can use the following functions after logging in.

ログイン方法: 画面右上「ログイン」 → GakuNin「東京海洋大学」を選択 → 海洋大IDでログイン
How to log in: Click the "Log in" button on the upper right of the screen → GakuNin: Choose "Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology"
  • 所属図書館所蔵の優先表示
  • リンクリゾルバ機能([Find it]アイコン表示)
  • Prioritized indication of books stored by the university libraries
  • "Link resolver" function([Find it] icon displayed)