Remote place service
2007.11 noted
2012.03 revised

TUMSAT researchers pursuing academic work outside Japan and in other remote locations can access materials through the library.

The details are as follows. Please read it and use it for your research activities.

1 Requirements:

  1. This service is limited to researchers affiliated with TUMSAT who are working outside Japan or at the TUMSAT Field Science Center.
  2. In principle, it is limited to researchers fulfilling the above requirements for a period of at least 3 months.
  3. Only accessible through public expense.

2 Purpose:

To provide photocopies of all accessible materials to TUMSAT researchers stationed abroad or in remote locations.
We will deliver to each station by internal mail service.

3 Request process:

Photocopies can be ordered online through the MyLibrary  website.
  • When request copies, please enter your location in the remarks field (example: "Please forward to Oizumi Station through internal mail").
  • Student IDs and passwords are the same as those issued by Information Processing Center. Professors and teaching staff need to set up a new ID by addressing an email to the library.

4 Other notes:

  1. Internal mail is sent once a week. For urgent matters, please specify details in the remarks field.
  2. Additional forms may be required due to copyright issues. Please follow the instructions sent by email from the library.

For more details, please contact the Information Service section of the relevant library.
  • Shinagawa Campus:  03-5463-0444
  • Etchujima Campus:  03-5245-7362