Remote (Off-campus) Access
【Remote access service】
TUMSAT provides its students and faculty with remote access service so that they can access the e-resources (electronic journals and bibliographic databases) to which the university subscribes while at home and on business trips under the same conditions as those set for access on the premises of the university. You will need your TUMSAT ID to use this service.

【Qualified users】
Students and faculty members of TUMSAT who have TUMSAT IDs

Your TUMSAT ID is indicated on the TUMSAT ID notice (which provides your ID, password and other information).
The part before “@” of your TUMSAT e-mail address constitutes your TUMSAT ID.
Reference: Explanations about TUMSAT IDs by the Information and Network Center *Japanese only

【How to use】
(1) Client mode (Recommended)
Install the client (FortiClient VPN version 6.0) on your PC/tablet to use the service.
After using the service, please disconnect FortiClient VPN.
Through the TUMSAT remote access system (SSL-VPN), log in with your TUMSAT ID and password to use the service.
After using the service, please click “Log out” on the upper right of the screen.
What's the remote access function (VNP function) *Japanese only

Note: In web mode, you might face a problem regarding the use of electronic resources. In such a case, please refer to the FAQs.

【Cautions 】
You must use the TUMSAT internal information system in compliance with the laws, regulations and the rules set by TUMSAT.
Please manage your password carefully to keep it secret from others.

◆Cautions and prohibitions regarding the use of electronic journals and others◆
Please use the electronic journals and databases in line with the following rules:
For the electronic journals and databases, you can only print out and download theses that are truly necessary for your research and learning, in principle.
If you act in violation of this basic rule and if that act is deemed to be an unfair use of the journals/databases, access might be suspended across the entire university.
Therefore, please never commit the following acts:
  • Downloading a large number of theses automatically or manually within a short length of time.
  • Downloading all the theses included in one volume of a specific magazine.
  • Copying or reprocessing a downloaded thesis.
  • Distributing a downloaded thesis to a third-party.
Please use the remote access service in compliance with the rules as described above.

Last Update:2020/12/01