Last Update:2011/10/05
On-loan materials can be reserved on the MyLibrary page.
Once available, they can be picked up at the library counter.
Loan extensions
There are three ways to apply for a loan extension:
  1. Online extension on the  MyLibrary page
  2. At the library counter (student ID card and book/material required)
  3. Using the self checkout machine at the Shinagawa campus library

  • Only one extension is permitted.
  • Journal and magazine loans cannot be extended.
  • Overdue materials must be returned first and borrowed again from the shelf.
Campus Libraries
Students, faculty and staff of TUMSAT are free to use libraries and ordermaterials
on any campus.

Ordering materials:
Materials can be ordered online using the  MyLibrary page. If immediately available,
they can be picked up at the library counter within two days.
Orders are free of charge. Returns can be made at either library counter.

Photocopies can also be ordered online through the  MyLibrary page at a rate of
10 yen per sheet. Orders are also free of charge.
For more details, please contact the library staff.

Acessing libraries:
Libraries can be accessed using a library card (this function is included in the student
ID card). Borrowed materials can be returned at any TUMSAT library.
  • Materials can be returned outside library hours by placing them inside the book return box. To avoid any damage, please refrain from using the book return box for materials containing DVDs, videos cassettes or audio CDs.
  • It is strictly forbidden to lend one’s library card or library materials to a third party. The user is personally responsible for all borrowed materials.
Damaged and lost materials
  • When materials are lost or damaged, the user is in principle charged an amount equivalent to the replacement of the said materials. Please contact the library counter for details.
Additional information regarding photocopies
Materials from the libary collections may be photocopied for research and study purposes.
A self-service copy machine is available inside the libary.

  1. Please fill in the Request for copies form before photocopying materials. The form is to be placed in the dedicated box at the self-service copy machine.
  2. The library does not issue receipts for photocopies.
  3. The library does not provide small change.
  4. Do not forget to return photocopied materials to their original location.

Photocopiers are available during library hours.
Cost: 10 yen per sheet for B&W copies, 50 yen for color.

Library manners

Please respect the following principles to ensure a pleasant environment for all users:

  • Mobile phones are to be switched off or to silent mode. No conversations inside the library.
  • Food is prohibited inside the library premises.
  • Drinks: users are only allowed to carry drinks inside sealed recipients (no cups or cans). They are to be kept under the desk or with personal belongings at all times.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited.
  • Remain silent and refrain from talking while inside the library.
  • Respect the return deadline for library materials.