Martin, Robert Montgomery, 1803?-1868


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一般注記 SRC:The history, antiquities, topography, and statistics of eastern India : comprising the districts of Behar, Shahabad, Bhagulpoor, Goruckpoor, Dinajepoor, Puraniya, Ronggopoor, and Assam, in relation to their geology, mineralogy, botany, agriculture, commerce, manufactures, fine arts, population, religion, education, statistics, etc. / by Montgomery Martin (Wm. H. Allen and C., 1838)
Dates of Birth and Death 1803?-1868
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Martin, Montgomery, 1803?-1868
Martin, R. Montgomery (Robert Montgomery), 1803?-1868
Martin, R. M. (Robert Montgomery), 1803?-1868
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1 Illustrated atlas of the nineteenth century world / John Tallis ; edited by Robert Montgomery Martin 1989 ed. - London : Bracken Books, c1989